Medicinal Plants in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s forests are amongst the most floristically rich in Asia and for some fauna groups, it has the highest density of species diversity in the world.  Medicinal Plants  Provide Evidence for High Biodiversity in Sri Lanka.

෴Bin Kohomba -බිං කොහොඹ෴

බිං කොහොඹ -Bin Kohomba

  • Botanical name:  Munronia pinnata  
  • Family: Meliaceae
  • Habit:Herb
  • Habitat:Shady Forests
  • Part Used:Whole Plant with roots
  • Uses:Used for control fever & Skin diseases
  • Chemicals:Anti Malarial drug
  • Propagation:Seed
  • Special Facts:Shade loving plant 60 %, Important crude drug.



  • Scientificname: Rauwolfia serpentina
  • Family:  Apocynaceae
  • Habit: Herb
  • Habitat:Tropical Region Forests
  • Part Used:Roots
  • Uses: Anti hypertensive,act as hypnotic



  • Scientificname: Gymnema sylvestre
  • Family:  Asclepiadaceae
  • Habit: Herb-Climber
  • Habitat:Tropical Region Forests
  • Part Used:Mainly Leaves
  • Uses: Treatment for Diabetes

෴Kothala Himbutu- කොතල හිඹුටු෴

Kothala Himbutu- කොතල හිඹුටු

  • Scientificname:Salacia reticulata
  • Family:  Celastraceae
  • Habit: Climber
  • Habitat:Tropical Region Forests
  • Part Used:Wood
  • Uses: Anti – diabetic

෴Sudu Sandun-White Sandal Wood- සුදු සඳුන්෴

Sudu Sandun-White Sandal Wood- සුදු සඳුන්

  • Scientificname: Santalum album
  • Family:  Santalaceae
  • Habit: Small Tree
  • Habitat:Tropical Region Forests
  • Part Used:Wood
  • Uses:Skin Care & Have Cooling Effect

෴ Rath Nithul – රත් නිතුල් ෴

Rath Nithul – රත් නිතුල්

  • Scientificname: Plumbago indica
  • Family:  Plumbaginaceae
  • Habit:Herb
  • Habitat:Tropical Region Forests
  • Part Used:Roots
  • Uses:Increases Digestive Power
  • Propagation:Done trough cuttings

෴Malitha- මලිත෴

Malitha- මලිත

  • Scientificname: Woodfordia fruticosa
  • Family:  Lythraceae
  • Habit:Shrub
  • Part Used:Flowers
  • Uses:Flowers have stimulant properties

෴  Heen Araththa – හීන් අරත්ත ෴

Heen Araththa – හීන් අරත්ත

  • Scientific name:Alpinia calcarata 
  • Family:  Zingiberaceae
  • Part Used:Rhizomes

෴ Gal Demata – ගල් දෙමට ෴

Gal Demata – ගල් දෙමට

This Article is Based on Field Visit  to Haldumulla Herbal Garden.UWU Export Agriculture 2008/09


35 thoughts on “Medicinal Plants in Sri Lanka

  1. Mr. Thilanka.,I think this is not a Masbadda plant. This is ‘Kuringchang’.Please reply me, Is am right or wrong.Thanks.

  2. Mr thilanka, nice attempt. Will you be a part of “developing a Gene bank for medicinal plants”? This must be done as soon as possible. Do you understand? If you are interested, I need a knowledgeable person in this area.

  3. godak hoda wadak,thawat plants add karana suba pathanawa,b,coz mamat medicinal plants walata sientific names hoyana gihin sehena mahansi wuna,meka hamotama useful.
    mata hoyagana beri wuna plants wagayak tiyenwa,botncl names,pluwanm help 1k dena.

  4. ගොඩාක් හොද වැඩක්…
    තවත් පින්තුර මේකට එකතු කරන්න..
    ගොඩාක් වටිනවා …විශේෂයෙන්ම දේශීය වෛද්‍ය විද්‍යාව ඉහලටම ගෙනියන්න මේ වගෙ දේවල් ගොඩාක් වටිනවා..
    ඉදිරි ගමනට සුබ පැතුම්…

  5. thknQ sooooooooo much …………..because mage schl book ekk hadanna………meh site eka hugaaaaaak udaw una !!!!!! 😀 thnkZ

  6. great article,api wage ayurvedic medical studentslata witharak neme
    ape de age krna hema denatama watinawa
    thnk krnwa a wagema ape kamata adare krna ogalla wage aya 1 gena godak sathutu wenwa

  7. putha ,mas bedda plant eka methana thiyenne heen mas bedda,hari eka kole godak lokui. thawath ekak ekaweriyath warga 2k.rathu malai, sudu malai, methana thiyenne sudu mal pelayak

  8. I’m really interested in this, I’m an Ayurveda medical student too, So plz let me know How can we get more detail about medicinal plant cultivation, thankz

  9. keep all the the things secret orther than outsides people make medicine sold us ts expensively.
    example bim kohombe sold by japanease,,,,pathatic cases must avoided

  10. We have a Osu Uyana in Dambulla with about 150 well laid out medicinal plants. Some need re-identification. Do you think you can help us to improve the site? Nalini Ellawala.

  11. ma hitana vediyata ma gas wal walata kiyana tawat nam tiyanawa anamut ma vistara yata atulat karana wanam harima watinawa .

  12. Could anyone please help me in giving either the English name or botanical name for the plant known as minie pichcha or minie mal or wa loonu, along with its medicinal and chemical properties? The reason is I am a diabetic patient. An indigenous doctor or a vedamahaththaya gave me a formula claims to cure diabetese, wcich contains this herb as an ingredient. But almost everyone who knows this plant says that it is poisonous and never used in drinking indigenous potions. Please help./

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