Organic Pest Control Methods

Organic farming methods combine scientific knowledge of ecology and modern technology with traditional farming practices based on naturally occurring biological processes. Organic farming tends to tolerate some pest populations while taking a longer-term approach. Organic pest control involves the cumulative effect of many techniques.

  • Allowing for an acceptable level of pest damage
  • Encouraging predatory beneficial insects to control pests;
  • Encouraging beneficial microorganisms and insects; this by serving them nursery plants and/or an alternative habitat
  • Planting companion crops that discourage or divert pests
  • Using row covers to protect crops during pest migration periods
  • Using pest regulating plants and biologic pesticides and herbicides using no-till farming, and no-till farming techniques

Major Techniques Used in Organic Pest Control 

-Organic pest & Disease control is similar to integrated pest management & integrated disease Management in some respects.
Cultural Practices
Keeping Natural Environment  in field.Keeping Natural Environment  in field control Pest through Predation,
Parasitization & Infection by beneficial insects.
  • Use green belting.
  • Beneficial  plants will become source of pest control materials.

Insect Predatory Plant

Crop Rotation

-Crop Rotation helps to maintain soil productivity and tilt to supply plant nutrients, and to control weeds, insects and other pests and diseases.

Field Sanitation

-Keeping Field sanitation helps to prevent pest & disease attacks


  • Destroy pest Habitats

-In Sri Lanka farmers also use Traditional Practices “Kem Krama”to control pests.

-Planting Insect Repellent Plants in Field
  • Tobacco
  • Marigold
  • Neem

Mechanical Control

  • Set up light traps to control Insect pests
  • Set up traps to kill rodents

Physical Control

  • Hand picking of Snails
  • Remove the egg   masses by hand

Use Bio Pesticides & Formulations

  • Mixture of Neem oil and Castor oil

    Neem-Azadirachta indica

  • Essence of Neem seed
  • Mixture of Ginger and Garlic



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